How I remember music class: What is a dux and where is it??

Our product consists of a networked instrument including an app, which makes improvising together and learning music theory through play possible, even for beginners. To support learning, we draw on the joy of spontaneous expression that arises when improvising together.

The instrument is built in such a way that anyone can play it even without experience. Chords can be played on the upper neck, which makes the instrument suitable for accompanying parts as well. The lower neck has a single string and a pentatonic fingerboard. This makes it possible to achieve solos on this string which are always in harmony with the selected key, making them melodious.


Improvising together requires some basic properties of the "jam", such as beat, chords and speed being agreed upon in advance. These settings are made via an app, which then transmits this data to the networked instruments.

These are now coordinated through the app, and the simplified design of the instrument allows non-musicians to share in the joy of jamming together and experiencing and learning the most basic concepts of music theory.


The upper neck is designed for playing chords. All major and minor chords can be played using a slider. The chord to be played is displayed by the built-in LEDs based on the data transmitted by the app. This way, you don't have to remember any complicated fingering patterns and can jump right into playing.

The instrument is tuned to a C minor chord. When the first key of the slider is pressed, all strings at the same fret are depressed. Thus, their length and vibration relationship to each other remains the same and a minor chord sounds again when the strings are played. When the second key is pressed, the second note of the chord shifts by a semitone, making the chord a major chord. Thus, by positioning the slider at the correct fret and pressing the appropriate key, any of the 24 major and minor chords can be played.

The instruments I've collected over the years. According to a friend of mine, this can be considered a "set up"