Fridge App

Concept And Overview

This UI is designed for controlling a smart fridge. It is meant to give the user the ability to control temperature, check expiration dates and generate recipes from given products with a focus on an intuitive and powerful userflow.

The eggplant (left) is about to expire, therefore it is marked with a small white triangle. when clicked, it reveals more specific information and an option for generating recipes with this and other ingredients that are about to expire.


This recipe function also allows for other search terms in order to specify the search results, such as different diets and additional ingredients.

Shopping List

If a recipe includes ingredients which are currently not in the fridge, the user can add them to the integrated shopping list. While shopping, the user can remove the items from the list either by scanning products before he buys them, or delete them manually from the list. A price estimate is continuously generated and becomes more and more precise as more items are scanned.

Design Language

Our choice of colors went through two phases: Originally we intended the colors to fit the natural colors of the product, until we realised that these colors do not offer the necessary contrast to a white font. Therefore, we pivoted to a more vibrant, but artificial color scheme, which still allows the user to recognise product categories.

Early on we intended to give the UI a playful and comic-like look. This is already visible in mid-fidelity wireframes (left).


Our focus on an intuitive and simple user flow lead us to a relatively complex prototype. For instance, the user can reach the scanner from the shopping list in order to scan products, which are then placed in the shopping cart. At home the user can generate recipes based on the purchased items.

Other functions include full control over temperature, cleaning cycles and history of purchased items. Making full use of all these features could cut both food waste and the use of electricity by a substantial margin.